Black/Doom/Sludge Metal – Italy

Agonia Records

FORGOTTEN TOMB was born at the end of the 90`s as the one-man project of Ferdinando Marchisio (Herr Morbid) after the disbanding of his previous black metal band SACRATER. All releases by Forgotten Tomb were just recorded by Herr Morbid himself until the album Love’s Burial Ground, which was the first Forgotten Tomb album to feature a complete lineup in its recording.

Starting in the beginning of the millennium with bona fide classics such as „Songs to Leave“, „Springtime Depression“ and „Love’s Burial Ground“, widely considered among the true originators of the so-called „Depressive Black Metal“ sub-genre, the band explored increasingly heavier and broader territories with all the albums that followed, from the genre-shattering avant-garde of „Negative Megalomania“ through the pitch-black rocking-vehicle „Under Saturn Retrograde“, then perfecting the band’s own black/doom formula with the harsher tones of „…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil“, „Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love“ and „We Owe You Nothing“. In the meantime, they found the time to release a mid-career live in studio anniversary album („Vol 5: 1999 – 2009“) and a Live DVD.

So Hammer Booking just can say, that we are really happy to work together with such an awesome and highclass band, which influenced the Black/Doom Metal scene so much like not many other bands before! Thanks for trusting in us and lets have a good time together!




2017 We Owe You Nothing (Agonia Records)
2015 Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love (Agonia Records)
2012 …And dont deliver us from evil (Agonia Rocords)
2011 Under Saturn Retrograde (Agonia Records)
2010 Vol. 5: 1999 – 2009 (Avantgarde Music)
2007 Negative Megalomania (Avantgarde Music)
2004 Love`s Burial Ground (Adipocere Records)
2003 Springtime Depression (Adipocere Records)
2002 Songs To Leave (Selbstmord Services)


2012 Deprived (Agonia Records)
2011 A Tribute To GG Allin – Split With Whiskey Ritual (Southern Apocalypse Records)
2000 Obscura Acrana Mortis (Demo)

DVD/Live Album

2014 Darkness In Stereo – Eine Symphonie Des Todes (Agonia Records)


Datum Stadt Location Land
03.10.20 - 04.10.20 London Cosmic Void Festival United Kingdom
Zeit: 0:00. Adresse: NW1 7 Camden Town.