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15 years is an awful lot of time…   In 15 years, H.P. Lovecraft wrote half of his life’s work and also in 15 years, CTULU has played countless concerts in more than 16 different countries. They shared the stage with Rotting Christ in Cyprus, with Gorgoroth in Bavaria, with Shining in Copenhagen and with Exodus in Austria.

Besides, the band has released as much as 4 full-length albums as well as 3 EPs. No other band has dedicated this much effort to try and revive H.P. Lovecraft’s tales, be it on their albums or during ritual-like live ceremonies. During their existence, CTULU have evolved from a classic „Swedish“ Black Metal band to a Black/Death Metal bastard that the press likes to describe as „an unholy concoction of Behemoth, Slayer and Satyricon with german vocals“.

Official music video to the song „Inanna“ at YouTube

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