The wait is over!!!
Soon some new heavy sound of our Graceless will be available for all their fans and lovers of doom death metal direct from the netherlands!
Pre orders of this absolute stunning split release will start at the 1st of september via:
– 100 Sea Blue / Gold Swirl Vinyl
– 200 Transparent Sea Blue Vinyl
– 300 CDs
Here some exciting first words of their label partner Rawskull Recordz:
„Emerging from the darkened tombs of the Underground, hellbent on spreading blasphemy and punishing the senses with relentless death metal savagery, Graceless (NL) and Grond (RUS) join forces in the never ending battle against holiness and decency.
Sparing none in their mutual quest for supremacy, these two titans wield sonic heaviness, hooks, and more brutality than a nuclear assault with only the aim of annihilation in sight.
This is sheer, unmatched, unbridled punishment that prefers you beg for mercy with absolutely zero intention of offering quarter. Prepare for decimation.
This beastly beauty will be available on limited Gatefold vinyl and limited CD edition with the most amazing artwork made by master Daemorph!“

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